James Binnion Metal Arts
James Binnion Metal Arts


Your wedding ring is a symbol of your love and commitment that should reflect your individuality. 

Each mokume ring is as unique and individual as you...no two patterns are the same...a couple who choses the same metal combination has their two rings forged from the same billet of metal with the patterns as individual and unique as each person.

All rings are custom made and solid mokume.

Individually crafted of the finest metals and expert workmanship in Bellingham WA.

Find The Design. Customize it.  Individually Yours!

If you do not see exactly what you want let us know as every ring design can be customized for you.


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James Binnion Metal Arts LLC is a BBB Accredited Jewelry Designer in Bellingham, WA

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Jim Binnion, jewelry designer and an internationally recognized expert on mokume, founded JBMA in 1991 working exclusively in mokume.  Jim has pioneered mokume techniques, metal combinations and designs.  He is passionate and an expert about metals, sharing his knowledge and expertise in his writings and teaching. 

His book, "Jewelry Metals" was published in 2015.

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Jim will be co-teaching a mokume class at Rio Grande in Albuquerque in April 2017.  The class is full.  

"Picked the ring up yesterday & I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's gorgeous and unique..."
— Suzy 2/07/15
Kennedale, TX

Two New Metal Combinations!  LOVE RED GOLD?  We have a new metal combination that has a higher proportion of red gold and it really stands out!  And check out our new dramatic blackened status steel!