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D2 was the most amazing of cats. He was a neighborhood stray that was injured when hit by a neighbor’s car in May 2005. It was unclear how old he was at the time, but probably between 2 and 3 1/2.  Jim and Terry's vet was able to save his shattered leg. He likee watching the world either outside in the cat enclosure or on the window sill in Joya’s office. His other favorite perch is laying across Joya's desk.  Since he was a stray he has "food issues" and for a long time could not leave a food bowl empty.  Though he did get better about leaving food he could hear a food bag being opened from anywhere in the house and "magically" appear.  He started having kidney problems in fall 2011 but did well for a long time.  In 2013 he started having more problems and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge July 2, 2013.

Sprocket was born in April 1996. He loved hanging out on top of a floor heater vent or in Joya’s office. He was found abandoned on a road and Jim adopted him when he was a kitten from a former coworker. Though very layback in attitude, he truly was the alpha animal of the 4 legged household.  He LOVED water, especially running water, and loved drinking out of the bathtub.  Sprocket had a number of chronic medical problems and was very good about taking his meds and going to the vet (where he wrapped everyone around his paw); but his time for battling his illnesses was over February 5, 2010.



Ed was named for Sir Edmund Hillary (who climbed Mt. Everest), as he liked to be in high places. He also liked to be in the middle of whatever you were doing.  He was Sprocket’s littermate as they were both foundlings and raised by Jim's former coworker. He was also born April 1996 and was about a week younger than Sprocket.  We were all saddened when he died from lymphoma December 10, 2007.  



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