Elizabeth Caya, Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Caya

Elizabeth (Beth) grew up in Bellingham, WA until one fateful day.  On that day, through the Internet, she met the man who would one day become her husband.  The only problem was that he lived on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, on a little island called ‘New Zealand’. Enchanted by the idea of a grand adventure, she packed up a suitcase and moved to this far away land in 2006.

Elizabeth has a great love for animals and spent many years as a vet tech and assisting in the running of vet practices in New Zealand.

Nearly 10 years later, she returned to Bellingham to be closer to her family.  Instead of a single suitcase, however, she brought back with her a husband (David), twin toddlers (and a wee one in the oven), two dogs and seven cats.

While her husband David, a very skilled bench jeweler, works with Jim in the workshop, Beth works in the office.  When she first started working she brought her new baby, Olivia, keep things on track in the office with Terry.  Olivia is now 2 and is a little too active for office work and spends time with Grandma while Elizabeth enjoys being able to quietly work in the office.

Elizabeth works most closely with our retail clients, answers inquiries and handles shipping.  Since Elizabeth has a very good eye she is our quality control manager and ensures only the finest work leaves the studio.  Her spirit and insights help keep things light yet focused in the office.

With the little ones to tend to Elizabeth is currently working part-time (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays) but we hope her days or hours will increase.

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