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Unique Wedding and Engagement Rings in Mokume  

Looking for a unique ring as the perfect symbol of your love?  Desire a ring that is as individual as you and not the same as everyone else’s wedding ring?  Explore our collections to find that special ring for yourself or your loved one!

Each unique wedding and engagement ring is made for each client.  We craft each solid mokume ring of the finest metals with our expert workmanship.

Explore our precious metal mokume combinations and Damascus steel rings.  Engagement rings and wedding rings are available in a wide price range.

Did you know no two patterns are the same?  However a couple who chooses the same metal combination has their rings forged from the same billet of metal with their own individual pattern.

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Let’s start a discussion about your ring.  Call or email us:  1-877-408-7287 (toll free in North America) or 1-360-756-6550; email Terry at info@mokume-gane.com.

Order directly through us or at one of the  stores that carry our unique wedding and engagement rings.

We make all rings and jewelry here in Bellingham, Washington.

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