Shibuichi Mokume

Very Affordable Mokume

Looking for a mokume wedding ring that is unique, durable and affordable? Explore this gallery of our new Shibuichi mokume metal combination.  These rings are made of Shibuichi and Continuum™ Sterling Silver.

Why Shibuichi?

Shibuichi is a traditional Japanese copper / silver alloy. Shibuichi was often used to decorate the samurai swords handle and scabbard.

The name translates into English as “one quarter”.  Our shibuichi is 75% copper and 25% silver.

Though copper and silver are both very soft, by mixing copper and silver and forming an alloy, the resulting hardness is significantly increased.  The resulting hardness allows us to make a very durable ring in shibuichi mokume.

While shibuichi is initially pale copper in color the alloy quickly will turn to a medium grey color in daily wear. We will normally apply a treatment that colors it to this grey before shipping. If the ring gets a significant amount of abrasive wear it can show a bit of copper tone but will soon return to the grey color.

Shibuichi with its silver content is much more resistant to the copper/silver corrosion problem.  This resistance to corrosion makes it suitable for rings. We have conducted laboratory tests to see if our shibuichi alloy is resistant enough to this corrosion for daily wear. The results were quite positive. So after successfully passing these tests Jim has decided to use shibuichi in rings and offer it as a part of our line.

Shibuichi allows us to offer a ring with beauty and high durability at a much lower cost than rings with other precious metal alloys. Rings start at $409. These rings are only available directly through us and are not available through other locations.

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