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Unique Mokume Rings

Looking for the perfect engagement or wedding ring?  Bridal party gifts?  Gifts for that special someone (including yourself)?  Explore our galleries of unique mokume rings and jewelry to find what you have been searching for.

Durable and Affordable Damascus Stainless Steel Rings

Find your contemporary Damascus steel wedding ring here.  We fabricate our own Damascus steel rings from 304 and 316 stainless steel alloys.  We hand carve and etch each ring in our studio.  Our expertise will deliver a stunning and durable wedding ring for you.

We can add diamonds and gemstones in certain designs in Damascus Stainless Steel for a stunning engagement ring.

Following James Binnion Metal Arts (JBMA)

Jim Binnion started JBMA in 1991.  Prior to that date he was learning all he could about mokume and perfecting the use of an electric kiln for bonding the metals.

Learn about our studio and who will be making your ring.

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