Terry Binnion Business Manager

Terry Binnion business manage of James Binnion Metal Arts

Terry Binnion, business manager of James Binnion Metal Arts is a proud third generation San Franciscan.  Growing up in Daly City, she was always in San Francisco.  All her schooling (grammar, high school and college) and most of her jobs were in San Francisco.  San Francisco remains a huge part of her life.

Listening to her Dad’s stories of running his business and his commitment to customer service had a huge effect on her.  Never realizing how important those lessons from her Dad would be, they influenced her interactions over the years.  She spent 20+ years as a medical social worker in home care and 1 1/2 years working with dialysis patients.   After her marriage to Jim she utilized her past experience while working with clients at JBMA.

As early adapters of the internet Jim and Terry met online in 1997.  Marrying in August 1998 in San Francisco they lived in Oakland, California until their move to Bellingham, Washington in 2001.  In 1999 Terry started assisting Jim with various aspects of JBMA.  Terry’s co-owner and handles the business and financial aspects of JBMA as well as maintaining the website.  Working with both retail and wholesale clients she is constantly looking at ways to provide better service to our clients.

With family and long time friends still in the SF Bay Area she visits there a number of times each year.  Managing business and the house, time seems to go quickly.  When she can, Terry enjoys reading, making cards, doing genealogy research and spending time with Jim, friends and the puppy dogs!

Terry never imagined owning even one dog but is thrilled to have currently have two Shiloh Shepherds in her life: Moku (born 2014) and Hoshi (born 2019).  We miss our first two Shilohs who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge: Taiko ( 2006-2019), Pharaoh (2007-2020).

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