AWESOME SAPPHIRE WEDDING SET C-IHBE & C-3/4E starts at $3189+gems

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This awesome sapphire wedding set is both unique and practical.  The sapphire engagement ring’s non-traditional style is perfect for the person who has an active lifestyle. The integral half bezel protects the stone while still showing its beauty.  We can set a diamond or a gemstone.  For rings worn daily we recommend diamonds, sapphires or rubies for their hardness.

Sapphires come in a wide range of colors to complement your style, including this incredible purple.  The engagement ring is completed by a 3/4 round wedding band with flush set purple sapphires and diamonds.

C-IHBE000-5 and C-3/4E000-3.5

  • C: Mokume of 14K palladium white gold and sterling silver
    • This metal combination is available for all our ring styles
  • IHB: Integral half bezel
    • This style is available in all of our precious metal combinations
  • E: Etched
    • Available non-etched and lightly etched
  • 00o: No rails and no liner
  • 5:  Shown in 5mm width
    • Width of the ring on top is same/close to the diameter of the center stone
    • Band usually tapers in thickness and width
  • 3.5: 3/4 round band is always 3.5mm wide
    • It is thicker and rounder than a standard domed comfort fit band
  • Integral half bezel is shown with 5mm round purple sapphire
  • 3/4 round band is shown with flush set 1.75mm purple sapphires and 0.02ct diamonds
  • Check out our information on diamonds and gemstones.
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    • We can resize our rings
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