H-IBE000-7 starts at $4629




Red gold is a favorite mokume metal combination for mens rings!  A client has red beryl gemstones (often referred to as red emeralds) and wanted a special ring made for his father showcasing these gemstones.  In fact more men are wearing rings with diamonds and/or gemstones.

They grey of the palladium white gold and red gold are strikingly contrasted with the white of the sterling silver.  The etching brings out the pattern.  We made the bezel settings in 14K palladium white gold to provide a good contrast to the gemstones.

This is a great style ring for someone who wants a substantial ring with a diamond or gemstone.

  • H: Mokume of 14K palladium white gold, 14K red gold and sterling silver
  • IB: Integral bezel
  • E: Etched
    • Available lightly etched and non-etched
  • 000: no rails and no liner
  • 7: Shown in width of 7mm
    • Width of the ring will depend on the size of the center stone
  • 3bz: Shown with gemstones set in white gold bezels
    • Available with or without side stones
    • Center stone can be a diamond or other gemstone
      • If the ring will be worn daily or frequently we recommend diamond, sapphire or ruby due to their hardness
  • We can set a diamond/gemstone you provide or assist you with obtaining one.
    • We can provide a quote even if you don’t currently know the size.
      •   Once we have an order we send a set of metal gauges to verify the ring size.
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