Z-FN000 starts at $2789



Palladium is an outstanding metal for a mokume wedding ring.  Palladium is from the same family of metal as platinum.  Whereas platinum is a light grey, palladium is a dark grey.  The dark grey of the palladium 500 is a great contrast to the white of the sterling silver.  We can make this ring as narrow as 3mm or as wide as 12mm…whichever looks best and feels the most comfortable on your finger.

You can customize your ring by adding flush set diamonds or gemstones to add a little sparkle to your ring.  If you are wanting to add flush set stones we recommend the ring width to be at least 4mm wide.

This narrow band can be a great stand alone ring or sit next to an engagement ring.

Learn more about the history of mokume gane.


  • Z: Mokume of palladium 500 and sterling silver
    • This metal combination available in all our ring styles
  • F: Flat
    • This style of ring is available in all our mokume metal combinations
  • N: Non-etched
    • Also available lightly etched and standard etched.
  • 000: no rails and no liner
    • Liners are not needed for comfort or durability for this narrow flat palladium wedding ring but can be added if you prefer
    • Rails can be added though overall width of the ring needs to be at least 5mm
  • 3: Shown in width of 3mm
    • Available in widths from 3mm to 12mm
    • The wider the ring the better you can see the pattern
Other Information
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