PPS-CN000 starts at $3009



Looking for a unique mens wedding ring in  all white metals?  Sterling silver is the whitest metal we use in our rings.  Platinum and palladium are usually referred to as white metals, however they are both grey in color.

Though we can make this style ring as narrow as 3mm, the wider the ring the better you see the pattern in this platinum palladium mokume ring.  What width should you order for your ring?  Ring width is not related to ring size but to how long your finger is between the knuckle and the back of the finger.  Most men have their rings made between 6mm and 8mm.  Some men want their ring narrow such as 5mm whereas some men prefer much wider rings such as 9mm or 10mm.  Non-etch rings are more subtle in appearance and contrast.

We send a set of metal gauges to verify the ring size after you order your ring.  The gauges are in the width of the ring ordered, in quarter size increments.


  • PPS: Mokume billet of platinum, palladium 500 and sterling silver
  • C: Domed comfort fit
    • All our ring styles can use this metal combination
  • N: Non-etched
    • Available lightly etched and etched
  • 000: no rails and no liner
    • Rails and a liner can be added, though liners are not needed for comfort or durability
  • 7: Shown in width of 7mm
    • Available in widths of 3mm to 12mm
    • Given the colors of the metal combination we recommend at least 5mm in width
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