SET A-SPE000-V-HfBz & A-SQE000



This pair of gold and silver nontraditional mokume wedding set shows how you can match your rings by using the same metal combination, yet show your individuality with very different styles.  Two or more rings in an order made in the same metal combination will be cut from the same billet of metal.  Each ring has its own unique pattern.  The rings can match in style or be very different to match the individuality and preferences of the couple.   These rings are available in all our metal combinations, except stainless steel.  Which style is your favorite?

We can set a diamond or gemstone in the V-HfBz setting.  The square ring can have flush set diamonds or gemstones added to one or more sides of the ring.  We can set a stone you provide or assist you in sourcing a stone.  For rings worn daily we recommend diamonds, sapphires or rubies due to their hardness.

A-SPE000-6-V-HfBz and A-SQE000-8

  • A: Mokume of 18K yellow gold, 14K palladium white gold, 14K red gold and sterling silver
  • SP: Custom profile
  • SQ: Square profile ring
  • E: Etched
    • Also available lightly etched and non-etched
  • 000: No Rails and no liner
  • 6:  Shown in 6mm width
    • Width will depend on diameter of stone being set
  • 8:  Shown in 8mm width
    • Available 4mm to 10mm
  • Check out our information on diamonds and gemstones
    • We can set a diamond or gemstone your provide or assist you in obtaining one
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