This multi-gold  mokume wedding set is contemporary and really cool!  The width allows the pattern to be seen while still being framed by the red gold rails.  We can make the same style in wider widths if you prefer.

Our rails are normally 1.2mm each however we made the rails 1mm to allow one to see more of the mokume pattern.  Since the mokume has 3 colors of gold you can customize and change the focus of the color by changing the gold color of the rails.  Often the color of the rails influences the color you most see in the mokume (i.e. red gold rails brings out the red gold in the mokume).  Let us know if you want to change the width or metal of the rails for your rings.  You can also order a single ring and not just as a pair.

Specs of This Wedding Set

A-CE210-5 AND A-CE210-6

  • A: Mokume of 18K yellow gold, 14K palladium white gold, 14K red gold and sterling silver
  • C: Domed Comfort Fit
    • If adding rails this style ring works best as a half round profile, though the profile can be a domed comfort fit
  • E: Etched
    • Available lightly etched and non-etched
  • 210: 14K red gold round rails and no liner
    • Rails can also be platinum, 18K yellow gold or 14K palladium white gold
  • 5:  Shown in 5mm width
  • 6:  Shown in 6mm width
    • Available in widths of 5mm to 12mm
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    • Check out your options to customize your ring
    • We can provide quotes even if you do not know the ring sizes
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