Z-CE000-FlCh starts at $2649



Palladium wedding rings are contemporary yet a timeless design!  This stunning palladium diamond wedding band can stand alone or sit alongside the engagement ring.  This band is narrow yet still shows the beautiful mokume pattern.  Add a bit of bling with the channel set diamonds.

We refer to this style as a flow channel setting as the channel follows as much as it can the flow the of pattern.  In order to better follow the woodgrain pattern we use 1mm size diamonds or gemstones.  We can use larger diamonds/gemstones but the channel would be a straight channel setting and not follow the flow of the woodgrain pattern.


  • Z: Mokume of palladium 500 and sterling silver
    • This style is available in all our precious metal combinations
  • C: Domed Comfort Fit
    • Available as a flat comfort fit
    • Both flat and domed ring styles (with and without diamonds/gemstones) are available in all our standard metal combinations except Damascus and blackened stainless steel
  • E: Etched
    • Available non-etched, lightly etched and etched
  • 0009: no rails and no liner
    • Rails and/or a liner can be added
  • 5: 5mm wide
    • Available 4.5mm to 10m wide
  • FlCh: Channel set diamonds: 1mm (0.005ct) diamonds are set around the band to flow with the pattern; this ring used 64 diamonds
    • Personalize this ring with the number of channels and diamonds per channel you prefer.  We recommend at least 8 diamonds per channel
    • Do you prefer gemstones?  We use a number of different gemstones in this style ring.  For rings that are worn daily, sapphires in any of the available colors is a good choice.
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