SHS-CE000 starts at $679



Looking for a wedding band that is in traditional metals with a modern twist? Our shibuichi wedding rings are made with the traditional Japanese alloy of shibuichi and the modern ContinuumTM sterling silver.  The word shibuichi translates into English as “one quarter”.   Our shibuichi is 75% copper and 25% silver.

Due to several attributes shibuichi makes a good component to use in our shibuichi mokume wedding rings.  Though copper and silver are both very soft, a harder alloy is created by mixing the two together into an alloy.  This increased hardness makes it a very durable ring for everyday wear.

We are using shibuichi to make beautiful and durable wedding rings.  Can we make your ring in this stunning metal combination?

This metal combination has the lowest price of our precious metal combinations.

Learn more about what is mokume!


  • SHS: Shibuichi and ContinuumTM sterling silver
    • This style ring is available in all our metal combinations
  • C: Domed comfort fit
    • This metal combination is available in all our ring styles
  • E: Etched
    • Only available etched
  • 000: no rails and no liner
    • Available with rails and liners if you prefer
  • 7: Shown in width of 7mm
    • Available in widths from 6mm to 10mm
    • If you add rails, available widths are 8mm to 12mm
  • Fill out the form for your personalized price quote for this shibuichi mokume wedding ring
    • Let us know how you would like to further customize your ring in the Notes section
    • We can add diamonds and gemstones to rings in this metal combination
  • Phone:  1-877-408-7287 (toll free in North America) or 1-360-756-6550
    • We are available by phone and email 7 days a week!
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