PALLADIUM and DIAMOND WEDDING BAND starts at $3359+diamond



Z-SPE000-6-pd500 inlay

Palladium is from the same family of metal as platinum.  Platinum is a light gray whereas palladium is a dark gray…which gives a stronger contrast against the white of the sterling silver.  Palladium 500 means 500 parts out of 1000 (50%) of the palladium part of the ring is palladium. Palladium 500 is the darkest grey of the precious metals and provides the strongest contrast to see the pattern.

The client requested a section have just palladium 500 and flush set their 2.1mm diamond.  This is a bit of a different ring profile.  It is a flat comfort fit band with a very slight dome.

  • Z: Mokume of palladium 500 and sterling silver
    • This style is available in all our metal combinations
  • SP: Custom profile that is a flat comfort fit with a very slight dome
    • This metal combination is available in all our styles
  • E: Etched
    • Also available lightly etched and non-etched
  • 000: no rails and no liner
    • Available with and without rails and/or liner
    • Liners are not needed for comfort or durability
  • 6: Shown in width of 6mm
    • Available in widths of 3mm to 12mm
  • pd500 inlay: inlay section of palladium white 500
    • Client’s 2.1mm diamond flush set into the section of palladium 500
    • Available without the inlay and/or the diamond
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    • You can add diamonds, gemstones, rails or liners.  What do you prefer?
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Additional information

Metal Combinations

Available in all our metal combinations


Available 3mm to 12mm wide


Available etched, lightly etched or non-etched